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Baobab Forest

Just five minutes away from Laguna Blu ? Resort Madagascar, rises an enchanting forest corroborated by numerous Adansonia Madagascariensis, ie the famous Baobabs of Madagascar. An adventurous journey through cactus, shrubs and tamarind will lead to the discovery of these gigantic trees. Our guests will be accompanied and guided to discover the qualities of medicinal plants and the rituals of Malagasy people. At the border of the forest, our guest will find a holy lake, a place of worship and meditation.

Starfish Beach

With the low tide, you will be guided to spot a miracle beach of the area. You will find dozens of starfish coming up from the sea and enjoying some sun. This 40 minutes walk will give you the possibility to admire giant crabs, sea urchins, fishermen hunting octopus and you will be able to reach a natural swimming pool in Caribbean style where you will enjoy the lagoon from its center.

Baobab at dawn

True nature lovers have the opportunity to visit the forest at dawn, to see the sun rise through these giants of the Earth. The excursion lasts 2 hours and includes the visit to the salt flats.

Half or full day by Pirogue

Take a bottle of water, sunblock, a towel and you're good to go. Our trusted sailors will cross the ocean for 30 / 60 minutes and you will reach Nosy - Hao, a desert island with nothing inside. You will be alone enjoying the silence, the white beach and the noise of the nature. If you like bird-watching, you can spot endemic birds staying in the island too.

Explore desert islands by pirogue

Take a bottle of water, sunblock, a towel and you are good to go. Our sailors will take you around the Ocean for 30/60 minutes and will bring you to Nosy-Hao, a beautiful desert island. You will enjoy the calm and the white sandy beaches. If you like bird watching, in the centre of the island it's possible to admire some endemic species.

Half day in pirogue: 10? per person
Full day in pirogue: 15? per person

Snorkeling over the Reef

Laguna Blu ? Resort Madagascar is located in a seaside paradise. The reef can be easily reached swimming and snorkeling. The experience of being accompanied by local fishermen at the discovery of fish and corals is unique and unrepeatable. Although the Indian Ocean is characterized by tides with periodicity of about six hours, the area of Andavadoaka remains a paradise for divers, professional or amateurs. We proudly remind you that our reef can compete with the Australian great barrier reef.

Speedboat with sailor

You can choose your destination and reach it with our speedboat. It doesn't matter if you want just go, if you're looking for a place to fish or if you want to reach desert beaches in a fast way, the boat is available just for you.
We suggest you to reach the Bay of Assassins to enjoy the colours of the sea and the amazing panorama.

Whale watching

Book in advance your journey to watch the biggest animals of the world passing by the coast. You can choose between our speedboat or our pirogues and you can follow those mammals while they migrate

The Giant Baobab

Everything is big in Madagascar. Enjoy this full day excursions to see one of the biggest trees of the world. This baobab has a 31 meters of diameter!
The excursion lasts 8 hours and includes a stop for the launch. The whole trip will be in a 4wd car with air-conditioning and all comforts.